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Hello and welcome to my little spot on teh Internet. Since I am supremely interesting, I thought I'd put a place where people could read more about me.
This page is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Visit again soon.

I like hiking, ham radio, environmentalism, and HTML!!!

In my free time I love to read about HTML and play Bejeweled on my mobile device.

Please excuse the mess, this site is under construction. I plan to install all kinds of great web rings and popups and banners for your enjoyment and so I can make millions on a home-based Internet business of advertising and unsolicited email with helpful products!

I need more animated gifs. If you have some, and would like to be linked from my awesome page (BOOST YOUR TRAFFIC! Get LOTS OF Web Design Bizness~!!) email me.

This site is was nominated Best Home Page in 1994 by my friends in my web ring.